Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pink and Green

So I have to admit that lately I'm feeling this blog is blah city. I use to mix it up a you some art, some things I covet and then some goodies I actually purchased. And maybe an occasional picture of my little girl. Now I am just giving you flower pics with little else.  I do have some random stuff to share. I'm just not that organized. I am actually making art again!!

Things are good and I am happy so I have little to say. In my brooding youth I filled journal upon journal with complaints, yearnings and general angst. Not that I am angst free, mind you (I live in NY for goodness sake). But maybe I am getting use to running a events business or maybe I feel more confident in my work and abilities.  Or possibly I just figured out to let go of stuff I can't control. I dunno maybe I'm just in a good mood these days.

Here are some fun florals we did for a wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. It has a very bold, happy and preppy feel. The peonies were off the charts. Enjoy your weekend.


Bare Mtn Farm said...

Very lovely, I like the little pink glads(if that is what they are). The peonies are really gorgeous!

webb said...

We all seem to have a spell of blahs now and then, and just have to ride them out. Your flowers are always lovely and today is no exception. thanks.

Amelia said...

I LOVE that you're using glads, people poo poo them and it makes me nuts, also love that pink and green color combo, beautiful! Everybody needs a little angst to keep us in step.

Heiress emma said...

Your blog is never blah. I always enjoy the flowers and your writing.