Monday, May 28, 2012

Woodland Escape

Hello folks. I hope you are all enjoying the official start of summer today. We just strolled down to the piers and visited the military ships that are docked here for Fleet Week (you know you are getting old when the sailors are looking SO young!) but the heat drove us back inside.

On the flower front we completed two really great weddings this weekend. First up is a really sweet one at the Prospect Park Boathouse. The set up was break neck but I was able to capture some images before we scurried away. I am always a little more stressed than usual when the early to arrive guests start coming in before we are done setting up. But then again, I enjoy watching their faces light up as they take in their surroundings and greet each other.

The groom fashioned these rustic hand carved table numbers as well as collected old barn siding for the runners. We birched wrapped some vases and placed pitcher plants, furry scabiosa and pods inside. Otherwise coral charm peonies and the season's last ranunculos provided some soft color. The whole thing came together really well. It was a sweaty but satisfying day.


webb said...

It's so pretty! i love the combination of rustic and delicate. I love your good ideas! one more time I wish I were in NYC so I could enjoy your creations.

Bow Street Flowers said...

love the upside-down chair flowers!

Amelia said...

Beautiful flowers and just love those numbers. The Boat House is such a beautiful setting, too bad about this early heat.

Anonymous said...

It looks amazing ! When I see the work you do I just really like to come over and do same. Need a hand a few months ?? Make a interesting experiment , I bring my porcelain in and you your weekly flower business..
I think my heart is aching to bring flowers back into work haha..
but its just great following the things you make.
Keep to blooming!

Anne said...

LOVE these tables. Looks like all the running around in the market paid off!