Monday, November 28, 2011

Floating Wreath

In case you missed it over at Brooklyn Bride. Here was our November table design. See you soon xo
photos by Tory Williams

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Autumn Gold

Hello friends. I've been down and out for a couple of days with a head cold. Two days in bed, sleeping, knitting and watching a Gone with the Wind marathon (God, I love that movie). I am very grateful to wonderful friends who gave me a helping hand by walking Ruby to school and watching her afterwards. I thought I'd be up at the flower market this week in order to make some holiday wreaths to show you but alas, it was not meant to be. Instead I poked around Etsy finding some autumnal treasures. Hoping you have a lovely Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jane Packer

I am so sad to learn the news today that floral design visionary Jane Packer has passed away. I was fortunate enough to have worked for the company when they first opened in New York. The experience changed the course of my life. Not only did I meet other talented designers that I still call friends, but it allowed me to peek inside the workings of a successful design business and hone  valuable flower making chops. Most importantly it gave me the confidence to take my own jobs which eventually led to...well, this phase of life.

I only met Jane in person once but I remember clearly the impression she made. It was of an lively, funny, smart woman with a clear vision. She was the only florist I knew of at the time that used black tissue. She had custom made black square bags with long cords to place the flowers in - no boxes, no cellophane, no raffia, no colored ribbon. It was very chic, very modern. She said to me that she wanted the gifting of a Jane Packer arrangement to be the floral equivalent of getting a box from Tiffany's. I have one bracelet from Tiffany's that I got on my high school graduation. Unfortunately I don't remember the bracelet making that much of an impact on me but I sure remember that blue box. Brilliant.

I remember 6am calls at the Ritz Carlton Hotel doing what seemed like 100s of bud vases for the room service trays and making massive branch arrangements in crystal urns that I feared would fall on my head. I learned how they got water out of those heavy urns (suck in on an inserted rubber hose and quickly deposit into a bucket unless you get a mouthful...easier than it sounds). I perfected my spiral. I folded lots of aspidistra leaves. I saw how it's done.

Thank you Jane and your incredible team for so much inspiration throughout the years. Your new book is a must have.You will be missed but the beauty you brought to the world will live on.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rich Red and Blushing Brides

I lent my camera to my traveling husband and the other one ran out of juice mid way during the making of the these flowers. Sorry about that.  I am left having to show you pics from the iPhone. At least I had that working right! I am loving and I repeat LOVING all the David Austen garden roses in the market. Mix'um up with tree peonies and those pillowy little ranunucs and it's heaven......

dreamy dreamy dream

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

One Man's Trash another Woman's Treasure

I scored two amazing metal garden chairs the other day. My best street find ever. Incredible what folks will toss in New York. The color - a lovely robin egg blue has inspired my window display. I'm thinking of keeping that color scheme (light blues, faded greens and whites) for the holidays, with some sparkle thrown in here and there (of course!).

Heavenly scented bouquet of gardenia, freesia, garden snow roses, tibet roses, mini callas with a little trail of black netting for some drama. The direction was to keep it clean and refined so no greens. I could have buried my nose in it all day.

Friday, November 4, 2011


Early November to non-floral workers means high autumn. You know, harvest time...the colors, the smells, the bounty. Thanksgiving is approaching and it's one of my favorite holidays. But to us flower industry folks the season is actually ending. Dahlias, local hydrangea, cockscomb, sedum, these lovelies are already winding down at the market. The wintergreens and bulb flowers are appearing. Next weeks wedding will actually have peonies (yay!). So good-bye autumn flowers. We love you and see you next year.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mini Succulent

Hello. It's me. Sorry, I've been ignoring my little o' blog. Been laying low, picking apples, trick or treating, cooking and baking and sleeping. But then the wedding march really never ends. Already meeting brides and grooms for 2012 and have been busy writing up proposals. One more wedding and season number three will end. I find myself asking lots of questions this time of year. Mostly about the direction of my business and more importantly my creative life.

I had a great chat over coffee with an old college friend this morning. We've recently reconnected after running into each other at the flower market. She too is an artist and florist. It's obvious that many fine artists find themselves working in flowers. It can be a natural fit. But running a profitable business as well achieving creative fulfillment is a challenge...and I suspect it always will be no matter what your medium is. I feel the need to branch out. Be back soon.