Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nice Italian girl and sweet Midwest boy wed. What do you get? Why a classic affair with old world charm yet updated with a contemporary twist - like holding your ceremony in the old Williamsburg Savings Bank's vault. This place makes you want to put on little white gloves and match your purse to your shoes. This is when a visit to the bank was serious business. The light during cocktail hour was sublime. Congrats Lisa and Chris. xo
I always get a bit nervous when I have to design a piece on sight. But clearly some things have to be done on the day of. For such a big wedding (with like a billizon candles) things were moving at a completely relaxed pace. I felt confident and had the best time working with my amazing team of flower warriors.

Two different designs were created and placed on alternating tables. I can not decide which table top I preferred. The colors ranged from pale pinks to coral, raspberry and deep plum. Amazing how overnight the flower market has changed from spring to summer. Colors deepened, branches have sprouted berries and mini fruits, grasses and fronds emerge. 
Sorry these photos just do not capture how dreamy and erethral the ceremony site was. I'm dying to see the professional images. Notice my two little golden pheasants made it into the design :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

I am still feeling a little high from last night's gig. I was in awe. So many lovely details to share. Here is the bouquet. I wanted an old world, glamorous but youthful design. Kansas peonies, Juliet roses, black beauty roses, spray rose, jasmine, sweet pea, clematis, dusty, poppy pod, basil and more. The wedding was at Skylight One Hanson (formerly the Williamsburg Saving Bank) - incredible space. Currently the Brooklyn Flea is held there. For those that don't know, the Brooklyn Flea is this great market of vintage and handmade goods. I picked up that berry colored ostrich feather there one afternoon from a guy selling vintage trimmings and millinery bits. Nice that it made it back to where I found it. Have a good one. I am relaxing with Littlest Pheasant today and will post more images tomorrow. Talk soon. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Good morning. What are you all up to today? I am getting my ducks in order for this weekend but dreaming of farmers markets, country roads and cocktails in the evening.  We head out to visit some great friends in Massachusetts in a couple of weeks and it's all I am thinking about. Especially on this sweltering city summer day.

In the meantime take a look at this spring fresh wedding I designed flowers for back in May at the Alger House in Greenwich Village. The talented Laura Ryan just posted it on her blog. Weddings = Happiness. It feels good to be apart of such goodness. Congrats to Kate and Dinush! xo

Monday, June 21, 2010

I feel very lucky to have had the chance to design flowers for an incredible wedding at my favorite museum a couple of weeks ago. The Brooklyn Museum - my hometown, world-class, treasure trove sanctuary of art and design.  The direction for this wedding was modern, striking and clean. It's great being able to bounce around design styles and respond to the venue and the couple. 

This wedding needed a chuppah. And I took it as an opportunity to design my own because frankly, I have not been able to find a clean modern chuppah anywhere to rent, ever.  So I had  one custom made which I can use over and over again. Ok - so having said that - Thank God, we did a trial run  weeks before the big day. How many florists does it take to put up a chuppah? Well since this was going in the main entrance of the Museum under the glass canopy  (I had visions of shattered glass - I know, I know impossible but still) in our case five. Anyway, when we were done I have to say it was exactly what I envisioned to the tee! I was so happy. I just saw the photographer's images which I will share tomorrow. So chic!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

I just woke from a 9 hour sleep. Delightful. After coming back from a 350 person wedding (whoa!) I did bath time and book time with my little one and crawled into bed right after her. Things were moving quickly yesterday and I regret not getting some shots of the tables. It was all vintage ceramic and glass - quite pretty. I quickly got a picture of the bouquet before we left. Hopefully I will be able to share the photographer's images with you shortly. Note to self - bring some snacks when doing a wedding out of town.
With everything going on lately I've not had a chance to share my greatest achievement in baking kitsch thus far - the princess doll cake for littlest pheasant's birthday! It took all morning to frost and by afternoon we all watched in horror as she melted like a southern gal in the summer heat. Quick dash to my friend Jesse's fridge and she was as good as new by the time we blew out the candles.
Have a lovely Sunday. Big hugs to all the dads out there. We are baking scones for our superhero dad today.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Brooklyn Bride

Today I am super excited to announce a wedding I designed flowers for in May is featured on Brooklyn Bride! Check it out, where you will see more amazing photos by Tory Williams. I was in LOVE with this venue, this bride and her mom - the nicest people. Congratulations xo

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What can I say? But THANK YOU all for leaving me such encouraging words. I really sincerely appreciate the support. It's so comforting to know I am not alone. Who would guess blogging would be so rewarding on so many levels? Now, I wish we could all meet up after work and have a few cocktails!

I took your advice and had a slow couple of days. My family and I took a quick ferry ride over to Governor's Island on Sunday. What an amazing place - if in NYC I highly recommend a trip. I laid flat out on my back under a big tree and watched clouds for the whole afternoon. I am back in the saddle and feeling pumped for the next wedding this Saturday. 

I want to show you a totally different design from last week. This was hands down my most challenging bouquet yet. It contained blue hydrangea, clematis, lupine, hyacinth, delphinium, hand wired green cymbidiums and some cool tropical leaves.  The wedding was very modern and clean using bold blues, violets and magenta. I wanted a striking bouquet - not too rigid, seemed natural but not free flowing - does that make any sense at all? More to come. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

What's up people? I've had a lot of thoughts going through my head these past two weeks. Not sure how to contain it all. My flight and fight responses are in full swing and when I say that I am being literal. One minute I am planning my escape.  I have the whole scene set - cabin in the woods with no phone or Internet (that sorta thing). Next minute I am roaring like a lion, fists up, teeth clenched and ready for a fight. This city exhausts and exhilarates me. This job exhausts and exhilarates me. This life exhausts and exhilarates me. Running a business, raising a child, maintaining a home, tending a marriage is hard work. Straight up hard. I am coming off 2 big weddings and I am not gonna lie they kicked my ass. One big chuppah install, van rental hassles, more expensive than planned hydrangea, two bouquets down and many details later...I am spent. I am so close to everything right now. My perfectionist nature coupled with my ridiculous need to please every single person in my life is too much. Florists, parents, woman of the world, does any of this get easier? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, I guess.  I believe this post is turning into a rant now. 

But by weekend's end I was basking in the glow of a job well done. These bouquets were some of my favorite of the season. Flowers you do have a hold on me. 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Bride's Cafe

Fabulous write up of one of my faaaavorite weddings this year. Lauren and David's wedding at the BBG is featured on The Bride's Cafe today. These gorgeous photos were taken by the incredible Kate Leigh. THANK YOU JANIE!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Look at this happy couple! Look at this gorgeous bride! Look at that bouquet!! In love with this image by Michael Simon. Best wishes to Aaliyah and Erwin. xo

Monday, June 7, 2010

Take a moment

I have been moving at top speed these last couple of days. Wedding job- BAM, 4 year old birthday party- BAM, best friend's baby shower - BAM (that BAM you are reading is the sound of my head hitting the pillow at night). Can I ask you? Are you the kind of person who when showering is also taking the opportunity to do a quick scrub down of the tub? When cooking breakfast are you also planning dinner? I am in a constant state of "I know I am forgetting something." However, in the middle of this running I had a few delightful moments to reflect at the BBG. What a treasure this place is. A real oasis in a sea of city living confusion. I hope you all had a reflective weekend.

The ladies of DFFD! Jenni and Christine. The added benefit to running this biz has been meeting these two great and talented designers and being able to call them friends. Thank you!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just Like Heaven

If there is a heaven, I am pretty sure it's carpeted by this dreamy cream blush peony. Combined with white spray garden roses the fragrant was, well ...heavenly. It was one amazing fairy tale wedding.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Louise Bourgeois

I just heard the news that one of my favorite artists of all times has passed away. Louise Bourgeois died at 98 years old on Sunday. I have a story about her for you - one of my most treasured memories. Back in my art-making heyday, I knew the folks who were her etching printers, Harlan and Weaver. Through them I learned that she hosted a "salon" every Sunday in her Chelsea townhouse. Artists would come and show their work and basically she would tear them apart. I mustered up my courage, gave her a call and made an appointment. I remember it was a muggy day in June, kinda like today. Her assistant led me through a dark hallway to the back room where a couple of people were sitting around. I remember the room to be quite shabby in a charming boho kinda way. Of course. This slight little old woman appeared through a doorway and took her place at a table covered with papers and books. She offered us coffee or bourbon. It was noon and it was 100 degrees. 

The Puritan, 1989-96
Text & hand colored etchings on hand-made paper
Sweet Briar College Art Collection

It's well known that the subject of her work has long been about the physiological impact of childhood memories and the suffering human condition, drawing inspiration from her life. Because of this, I think many artists who use their art as their own kind of therapy are drawn to her. This does not always make for the greatest work. And Louise had no patience for a woman who began spewing about her past while showing blatant and oblivious drawings. I was cringing in the corner, my heart pounding. I showed her a small hand blown bell jar in which I place a handmade tornado made of string. She looked at it and said, "This is a little voice that wants to be loud". I almost cried right there. I want to tell her I think my voice has finally gotten louder.
Baby and Butterfly, 2007
drypoint and engraving
vintage paper & collaged cloth

I was sweating, sitting among some strange strangers and loving all of it. At one point I remember her insisting that this young guy sing. I think she even started singing in French at some point. She was well aware of her ranking and was haughty, opinionated and defiantly a little nuts. I emerged from this dark hole into a light filled day with the ruckus gay pride parade to greet me. What a crazy wonderful memory. She is truly an inspiration. And for all of you out there wondering when your blossoming is going to happen remember this, Louise Bourgeois had her first one woman show when she was in her 70's and then went on to make MORE work in her later years then she did prior to turning 70. So we have time. I should tell you I have been very lucky to have personally met many of the artists I admire in life. Sometimes it's better to keep art crushes at a distance. But my day with Louise only heighten her star for me. Shine on and thank you.