Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"hope for the best and do what you can"

Earlier this week I placed an order for 5000 stems of pink flowers. By far the largest I have ever ordered for one event.  I have a super fancy fashionista filled party to design for next week. I hate the stress of parties right after a major holiday!! Needless to say my heart in is my throat (is that the saying?). I keep calling the wholesaler and asking if they have secured the flowers. "What if the airplane goes down and the flowers never make it here?"  - I say ridiculously. "Sweetheart, that's like saying what if the world ends?...we hope for the best and do what we can". Would you be comforted by that? I guess it will have to do. I leave you with this image off Mary Ruffle's tumbler (where I go for a visual spa day).

Thursday, August 26, 2010

How could I have forgotten to post the bouquet? I found some little peachy ranunculos from Holland, dahlias, blushing bride, delphinium, tuberose, sedum and white tea roses. Happy Thursday folks.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New to the Collection

If I could I would take off and travel around to every thrift and junk shop this side of the Mississippi. I can never even make it to Brimfield. Shameful! In the meantime thank goodness for Etsy. Yes, you need to pay the shipping but you save on gas money. I am addicted.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Three Maids in a Row

I am enjoying the rainy gray days here on the east coast. Nice change from the brutal sun and heat. I find it good thinking weather. Weather to sort things out to, clean out old papers, and get stuff done. I lived in Holland when I was in art school for awhile. This weather brings me back to riding my bike around Amsterdam. I'd ride from my little crooked flat to my studio space. I would eat  nothing but cheese sandwiches and coffee and paint until 2am everyday. It was a magical time. I should unearth photos...someday. Anyway, fall is upon us. It's gonna be crazy. Hope you enjoy these bouquets. I did. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

This wedding at the Kitano Hotel called for lush modern arrangements using deep vibrant colors with the inclusion of succulents. I'm loving that dahlias are finally starting to look hearty. Also, I've recently found that I like to use tuberose with orchids. These were a bit of a challenge to execute at first - I had them worked out in my head and my hands were slower to follow. But after some tweaking Jenni and I banged them out

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello Fellow flower lovers. I've really been neglecting this little ol' blog lately. Sorry to be so absent but I have either been caught up in lots of wedding details and/or frankly giving the computer a rest. I can tell you I have started collected vintage/used old picture frames. I have yet another project I want to work on. We'll see...

In the meantime enjoy these lovely images from a wedding I designed the flowers for back in May at Bryant Park Grill. Congrats Jennifer and Andrew. Makes you yearn for spring, no? Talk soon. Photos by Kate and Georgina

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Good Morning. I just got the photos from a wedding we did back in June. Robert Sukrachand took these incredible shots. The bride and groom came to me with about 100 pieces of milk glass and vintage cut glass!  We had a blast filling them up with soft dusty greens and whites with bright pops of pink and purple.  The overall effect was very romantic. Congratulations Serena and Bibin!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Art in the Hudson

I've been laying low. Hence the limited posts lately. Sorry about that, but it's hot and humid and I'm all in my head these days. Dreaming of art, nature and all sorts of crafty things. Trying to take each day at a time, concentrate on one task at a time. That sort of thing. 

Today is my birthday. My 30's are quickly closing in and I am happy to report that I am in a good place, a very good place. I have a great deal to be grateful for. All I wanted was to head out of town for the day. So we drove up to Dia Beacon, where the galleries are airy and light and the art is cool and dry. Also I need to add that Fred Sandback was revolutionary.

top: interior window, photo by Richard Barnes
middle: Richard Serra
bottom: Fred Sandback 
Here is a portrait of Adam and I taken by Ruby. She's still getting the hang of it....
 We finished the day off at a local burger joint. Ruby played her first game of pinball. I don't eat meat often but I could not say no to this organic grass fed one. Perfect day.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Can I just say, I am so sick of ice coffee. I was so relived to wake to a practically chilly morning and order a hot coffee today. It's the little things. It may be the hottest summer on record but at least Saturday brides are seeing some relief in the humidity. Thank goodness! The request for this bouquet was for whites and greens with bits of blue. It's got a bunch of lovely things in there including two types of dahlias, queen anne's lace, thistle supernova (love that name!), tweedia, basil, dusty miller, hydrangea, scabiosa, white asclepia, dendrobium orchids, majolica spray rose. The bottom arrangements are for cocktail tables. 
Enjoy the weekend folks!