Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lost in Fall

I walked into the market this morning and everything looked soooo good. I sometimes struggle with fall... things look a little too crispy and dingy to me, too halloweeny. But today I felt it. What seemed drab now looked rich. The bright yellows have softened to a sunset glow. And I just can not get enough of those deep plum colors. So I'm back and I'm pumped for this weekend. In the meantime here is a sweet bouquet for you to enjoy.


Kae said...

oh I'm loving the white bouquet. Can't wait to see your fall creations!

StephieB said...

Beautiful! Stephie x

flowers on my table said...

So glad you are appreciating the autumn (fall), I just love it,I don't see decay, I see nature's bounty. Your bouquet is wonderful, so fresh. Thankyou for your comments, I am so with you on the wine labels. Have a great weekend, love Linda x