Thursday, December 30, 2010

See you in the New Year!

So the year is coming to a close. And what a year it's been!  My little ol' flower biz has grown in leaps and bounds. I am continually astonished, grateful and exhausted. Tomorrow we take off for a long weekend in the country with friends. I will recharge and when we return it's year number 3. Here we go! This is me now getting down on my knee and thanking all the gorgeous ladies and dashing gents who allowed me to create their wedding flowers in 2010. Happy wedding and welcome to marriage. May it be filled with love, health and happiness. And former grooms - it wouldn't kill you to send flowers to the misses from now and then. I'm just sayin'. 

To the faithful readers who visit me and share in this dream ...THANK YOU! I really feel you are my virtual family and I truly appreciate your words of encouragement and support. I had no idea how much blogging would enhance my world. And to my littlest pheasant thank you for your cute little ways - you make it all worth it. And to my husband, what can I make it all possible.  Happy New Year everyone. Here's to a fabulous 2011. 


flwrjane said...

Happy New Year Denise. Enjoy your weekend.

And thank you for a year of inspiration and beauty.

xo Jane

webb said...

This is like a "best of Little Pheasant" of your great work this year. Thanks for taking us along all year and filling us with the lovely things you make... also, envy!

A very happy New Year!

Chemin des Muguets said...

Oh Denise,
So happy that you have had such a good year, and the next will only be better. Love and Happy New Year to you and your dear ones,

Mrs. H said...

It was such a pleasure to work with you, your creativity and attention to detail make you a consumate professional. With no NYC wedding on the schedule, I am dreaming up occasions to have you grace with your visions, our best for another very productive New Year. Again, thank you, Christine

Coriander Girl said...

Congrats on a phenomenal year. You inspire me more than you'll ever know Denise. Happy New Year! 2011 is going to rule! xo