Friday, January 7, 2011

What Next

Hello. Did you all have a nice New Years? I am a little late to the whole posting resolutions thing. I have the standard ones just like the rest... get back into shape, get more organized, work on this, improve that. But I have to admit the whole constant self improvement thing is more than a little exhausting, no? Therefore, I am making the conscience decision to put off all resolutions until Feb 1. Ahhhh, I feel so relieved. 

I truth I am going to make monthly resolutions instead. Each month I will tackle a new one. Trying to do everything at once will only lead to disappointment - I know from experience! If I manage to make in roads on others during that time then all the better but NO PRESSURE. So this month my resolution is to be creative. To make things with paint and paper, string and needles, clay and glazes, camera and printer. YAY! I'm so excited. I will post what I come up with. Knowing you are all out there will get me going. 

Here is a Japanese cake mold I just bought to help me with my efforts.

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webb said...

What a neat mold. Show us a product - ok?