Saturday, August 7, 2010


Can I just say, I am so sick of ice coffee. I was so relived to wake to a practically chilly morning and order a hot coffee today. It's the little things. It may be the hottest summer on record but at least Saturday brides are seeing some relief in the humidity. Thank goodness! The request for this bouquet was for whites and greens with bits of blue. It's got a bunch of lovely things in there including two types of dahlias, queen anne's lace, thistle supernova (love that name!), tweedia, basil, dusty miller, hydrangea, scabiosa, white asclepia, dendrobium orchids, majolica spray rose. The bottom arrangements are for cocktail tables. 
Enjoy the weekend folks!


flwrjane said...

Love those white scabiosas. Nobody tells them what to do.

I drink iced all year round. Blizzards, heat waves. can't stop me either.

Guess if I were a flower I'd be a white scabiosa!

webb said...

And the thistle - supernova or not - is lovely! Any bride would feel cool as the proverbial cucumber with this bouquet.

Fleurie Flower Studio said...

Really love al the texture-y-ness in these bouquets, they are divine.