Wednesday, March 16, 2011

40's Charmer

It's been a tough winter, no question about that. Add the stress of our apartment move, the tasks of running a business, responsibilities of being a mother and just the general daily grind of life well it's no surprise I've had bouts of the blues...."Calgon Take Me Away"  moments - anyone remember that commerical? Do they even sell Calgon anymore? Anyway, thankfully when I was buying for this wedding, I walked into the market and it hit me - the scent, the colors, the shapes. And I was flooded with happiness. I thought to myself "Yes, you love this, remember? Don't feel insecure, Don't worry so much, you are in your element. It's your medium and it will sustain you." Sounds silly but Thank God. I yearned for a boost. Crazy I need to remind myself of this from time to time. Do you guys have similar experiences?

And now for this vase. I love it. Creates the most charming 40's inspired goodness. It was so light and airy. So many lovelies in there - Austin roses, snaps, larkspur, green and pink french tulips, white double tulips, pale yellow and white rununculos, daffs, glads, paperwhites, bay leaf, and white jasmine.


webb said...

Yesterday several of us were expressing winter blahs - whatever you want to call it. I think everyone is just plain worn out from this yucky winter and looking forward to "real" spring. This here's-a-day-of-spring, gotcha! that's been going on is ridiculous! Maybe in a few more days....

The arrangement is lovely - as usual. There's no question WHERE your element is!

flwrjane said...

I wander around at work quite often muttering "Calgon take me away" under my breath.

So funny to read it here. I wish they did still sell it, maybe it really works. if it did I'd fill a big tub, get in close my eyes and meet you in Paris.


xo Jane

anon. said...

hmm. yeah. i have those moments all of the time. it's nice to know that other people wonder about their place in the world, their talents too.

im surprised to hear you say that. ive kept up with your blog for 6 months or so. you have lovely taste and instincts. but i like you even more since you are humble and honest.

standing face to face, knee deep in something you love, and understanding in the moment that you are right where you should be is a wonderful feeling. im glad you stopped to document/share this on your blog.

i sort of long to do what you do. im moving into it and it feels good. i try to stay aware of my fondness and excitement for flowers and design.

wordy response for a first comment here.


megan said...

A friend and I call ourselves mental underdogs. Because no matter what we will always feel like the little guy.
So I understand. But you, dear, have nothing to doubt. You're one of my very very favorites and I don't impress easily. You really have a way with color and texture and composition.

Fleurie Flower Studio said...

You are so in your element! I have those feelings of doubt and insecurity, usually when the estimate has been sent, and waiting for the go-ahead. Then after the flowers are ordered, and once again waiting for the box of flowers to arrive, and...again upon opening the box- oh, are the colors right, will I have too much, do I have enough, etc etc! Then, settling in to create, thats the best part.
Love the vase- looks like a McCoy butterfly possibly? I have a couple in the butterfly pattern- love them!