Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hot Lady

Helloooo out there. Is anyone still there? I have so much happening over here. Between moving apartments, meeting clients and orchestrating a HUGE Valentine's Day install...well I've had to take a little blogging break. But I am back with the pics to prove it! When is the last time you pulled an all nighter? We were at Macy's Tuesday night until 4:30am creating this bad boy. Or should I say Hot Lady. That's about 2000 hot lady roses all hand water picked for Ralph Lauren Romance perfume display for Valentine's Day.
Here is something I can tell you about Macy's Herald is it's own little world and chugs along 24 hours a day. The other thing is that the musack plays ALL NIGHT LONG! I am afraid Kenny G has been permanently burned into our skulls.
The structure sans flowers.
 2am and feeling giddy
Here we are finishing it off. Now I have to return everyday and fluff it up, change out the bad ones. It will be up until Tuesday Feb 15th, if you find yourself shopping this weekend!


webb said...

Perfectly gorgeous! but so much work. You done good, Girl!!

flwrjane said...

Fantastical! May I order one for Valentine's Day?

Let us know how many needed to be replaced.

I'm so tired thinking about doing this, I have to keep correcting my spelling.

xo Jane

Janine said...

Woza's — that's a large installation! Only once you someone next to it, do you really get a sense of it's scale. Beautiful work though, and well done! P.S. Sorry about the Kenny G ;)

Janet said...


Brooke Howsley said...

I can only image the dreams you had the night after doing that heart! Wow.

susan {florali} said...


Cindy said...

wowee! i've never seen anything like it ... fantastic!

The Little Florist said...

You are a floral trooper tackling this Velentines Day week. It looks phenominal.