Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Half Bath

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and projects I have ignored for months are coming back to haunt me. For example, I've had this on going fantasy of a perfectly organized closet. You see, we have a tiny bathroom that doubles as my closet. Imagine a little room with all your clothes as well as a toilet and sink. It's kinda weird. Anyway, it is an utter mess. After successfully semi-remodeling our full bath last week (oops, I forget to photograph the before but I can show you the after), we are turning our attention to this awkward room. My husband is angling for a streamlined utilitarian style. Me, I am already calling it my boudior so you can guess there will most likely be a little frill involved. A quick perusal on the web turned up these inspirational images.
 Caroline Herrera Jr.'s Dressing Room via On Decorum
Nanette Lepore's dressing room via La Dolce Vita
from Real Simple -just a corner, real simple.
Love the bit of wallpaper via La Dolce Vita from Domino

According to Wikipedia,  the term derives from the French  verb bouder, meaning "to pout". How great is that! Everyone needs a private room to go and pout in. It doesn't help the matter that I just rented the film The Young Victoria with Emily Blunt. While not the most riveting of movies, I was fully entranced by the sets and costume design. I particularly loved the use of faux flowers - as crowns in her hair and pinned to her clothes. So pretty.
Nice information and interview by costume designer extraordinaire Sandy Powell at Confessions of a Costumeholic.


Gigi Thibodeau said...

Such pretty rooms, and I'm guessing from these photos that your boudoir will have a little bit of frill, indeed. I'm with you! Lately I keep dreaming of a little powder room all in shades of lavender and silver. It would be mine all mine because I know my husband would never want to go in it! : )

webb said...

So, is your boudoir that large? I thought not!

Denise Fasanello said...

My goodness Webb, I wish! It's a closet. A girl can dream!