Thursday, July 8, 2010

Looking for Inspiration

I should be working. I mean I am paying a babysitter now. I will. I promise. But right now I am feeling a little day dreamy. Thinking of art projects, house projects, patio projects and the like. 

Do you read flower arranging books? Or rather do you look at any for inspiration? Besides my Bloom Magazine collection that I covet,  I have one that I often return to. A friend gave it to me years ago.
Excuse the crappy scan job. I could have scanned the whole book really. I love so many of the images. Being With Flowers by Ou Baholyodhin. It was published in 2001. Here are some of my favorites.
LOVE this vase. Love it even more that it's in yellow. Breezy and lively spring time arrangement.
Insanely simple and inexpensive. Spider mums in little glasses. Clean and fresh.
Plants as sculptures. Yesterday morning I swapped out the living room Flor tiles for our bedroom coir rug. Washed the floors, threw make shift slipcovers (white bed sheets) over our moss colored couch and cleared the shelves of knick knacks. It was so damn hot and I needed a fresh interior do over. Now I am thinking of what greens to add. I'm not such a fan of hanging stag horns on the wall but I love this idea of placing them high on an airy plinth.
What is your feeling on sunflowers? I've worked with designers who've either loved them by pairing them with blue hydrangea for a French Provencal look or just flat out hated them for being too country. I like the mini ones especially. I think this arrangement with the stems cut short and laid out in a wide shallow bowl looks amazing. It's always about content and placement in the end.
The book is filled with juicy flower close-ups. Pink, red and orange - one of my favorite color combos. Isn't that also the colors of Dunkin Donuts? 

The quote is too tiny to read. It says;

"Inside you there is an artist
you do not know about...Say yes
quickly, if you know, if you've 
known it from before the beginning 
of the universe."



Brooke Howsley said...

Oh my gosh, I've checked that book out so many times from the library! I'd totally forgotten how many amazing ideas are inside. Thanks for posting images and especially the quote from it :).

flwrjane said...

This is a new book for me. Thanks, I'm always searching for new inspiration.

And I love sunflowers. I usually cut them down or use a single stem in a tall vase.

Too country? No way, they scream SUMMER.

ticklishfromadistance said...

Love love love the sunflowers.