Monday, June 7, 2010

Take a moment

I have been moving at top speed these last couple of days. Wedding job- BAM, 4 year old birthday party- BAM, best friend's baby shower - BAM (that BAM you are reading is the sound of my head hitting the pillow at night). Can I ask you? Are you the kind of person who when showering is also taking the opportunity to do a quick scrub down of the tub? When cooking breakfast are you also planning dinner? I am in a constant state of "I know I am forgetting something." However, in the middle of this running I had a few delightful moments to reflect at the BBG. What a treasure this place is. A real oasis in a sea of city living confusion. I hope you all had a reflective weekend.

The ladies of DFFD! Jenni and Christine. The added benefit to running this biz has been meeting these two great and talented designers and being able to call them friends. Thank you!


Erin said...

I am the sort of person who scrubs the shower, while I am showering. It is not that I'm always going at top speed. It is just that it seems so terribly convenient.

flwrjane said...

Not only am I doing two things at one time, I'm thinking about what you should be doing to.

I exhaust myself.

But weeding or reading, I'm at peace and in the moment.

Glad you had a moment to breathe. How cute are your design mates?


Yes I know exactly how you feel! Great photos of the bbg!

webb said...

There is absolutely nothing better than a visit to a botanical garden (or a well designed private garden) for lifting the spirit (and supplying ideas to borrow). Not that many of us have walls for espaliered (sp?!) trees! And ditto FlowerJane on reading and weeding - if only it were cool enough to do the latter right now.