Monday, November 23, 2009

Moody Blues and Grays

I learned about this lovely exhibition in Portland Me. titled Come Darkness, curated by Maria Alexandra Vettese via Lena Corwin. To make you dream about winter days, white light and cloudy skies. I wish I could beam up to Maine and see all these works. Ideas are swelling in my head and I am pressed for time and out of focus. My irritation mounts. I am second guessing myself and that is the worst. When my creative desires get out of whack, I need to repeat my little mantra and say "stay close to flowers". Somehow this calms me and I know new art will follow suit. pretty please. Ok, vent over.


abigail said...

I think there is something about this time of year that throws creative desires out of whack. Maybe it's the ever changing weather, the cold setting in, I'm not sure, but I think it's true.

littlebyrd said...

I think there must be something in the air or the way the star are aligned? I have been second guessing like CRAZY this week and what a horrible feeling it is! One thing is certain: it will swing the other way....soon i hope. Keep saying your mantra :)