Thursday, June 14, 2012

Add a little fern...

Hey Folks, I've got another wedding to share with you today. Last week we headed over to Liberty State Park to install at the Liberty House - a great venue with amazing views of New York City. We were all holding our breath as we waited for a little rainstorm to pass. But thankfully right before the ceremony started the sky cleared and the most glorious sunset appeared. 
The colors were to include purples, greens and whites. I wanted to do a more color-blocked arrangement so as not to present something too polka dotted. The bride particularly loved green cymbidiums, so I was very happy to include orchids, which I rarely get to use. I was banging my head for a few days trying to imagine how I was going to unite these flowers and colors. I was thrilled to find the healthiest green forsythia foliage. It has this lovely arch and gave a soft green flow to the design. Ferns and orchids go together for me. It makes the arrangement feel more "forest floor" rather than tropical...if that make sense. We were all really thrilled with the final results. 
Have a great weekend everyone!



Amelia said...

Beautiful job, love the color combo, and the orchids. You're right nobody uses them anymore, I just celbrated my 30th aniv and my bouquet consisted of orchids and stephanotis. (I posted pics on my blog if you want to peek) And there you go with the glads again, Yay.

flwrjane said...

You even made stock look good and I'm always of two minds about it.

I love green cymbidiums. They're almost a neutral for me.

Beautiful as ever. As always.

xo Jane

webb said...

Your designs make me want to get married (again)! Just lovely, as always.

HPotter said...

Beautiful! Love the way you mixed everything, I think orchids are gorgeous, but I really like a more "gardeny" style, and have a hard time blending the two. You got it perfect!