Monday, September 12, 2011

Yoga and Flowers

Labor day weekend we headed up the Hudson for a wedding at the Bedford Post Inn, Richard Gere and Cary Lowell's intimate and perfectly appointed small inn, restaurant and yoga studio smack in the middle of rolling hills and horse farms. I mean this is the land of Martha and Ralph (you know who I'm talking about). I was in love with the decor...sort of a refined farmhouse vibe with subtle Asian influences. As soon as things calm down I am most definitely heading back there for a meal and yoga class. The day was warm but thankfully the rain held off. The next morning I felt like I'd been doing cardio and weight training for 10 hours straight. There sure is a lot of schlepping in this job.

mercury tea lights and succulents in the yoga cubby holes
cocktail tables


fabriquefantastique said...

so glad I found this blog

Elizabeth Gilmore said...

beautiful, as always!


Bornay said...

Lovely arrangements!


SuzyMcQ said...

Breathtakingly beautiful in it's aesthetic and simplicity...your hallmarks. Bravo!

webb said...

A lovely wedding! You're right about the Asian touches - at the yoga sign, for instance. Looks like a great place to get calm... unless you actually got a look at Richard Gere. (thud, thud, says my heart!)

susan {florali} said...