Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Entering the 4th Decade

Hello. Anyone still there? I've been meaning to share some images from a very special trip my husband and I took back in mid August. This year was a landmark birthday for me. I turned 40 (!?). And to celebrate we managed to throw a dance party at the studio during a 4 wedding weekend (I know nuts). After that my hero swept me away for a night to the Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY. It was perfect in every way. I am now a walking advertisement for this place. It just about has everything one could want in a vacation. Let me show you.

This sprawling historic resort was built between 1880 and 1910 by two Quaker brothers. It combines wholesome family activities like fresh baked cookies, tea and boardgames at 4pm in the main lodge...(hello!) with modern amenities like a superb world class spa (added in 2005)- which of course I stayed at for a whole afternoon. The property is apart of a massive nature preserve with many hiking trails and caves you can explore.
Once you tire of swimming in the lake, sitting in the dozens of wooden hand built structures, boating, hiking, fishing, you can always go wander the formal gardens that include a hedge maze and stone tower.

The in-house florist has full reign of a massive cutting garden as well as a stocked greenhouse. Hmmm....dream job? 
Now, let's say you want something to do other than commune with nature. Well than spend some time poking around the Museum Barn uncovering Victorian era farm treasures. 
 Stacks of old room records
 Us and the Niermeyers stayed in the same room. Them in 1920, us in 2011.
 oh yeah, you can also go horse back riding
The spa was the highlight. No cameras allowed. So I keep returning to my memory of lounging in a soft white robe gazing out on a wall of green leaves.

And what words of wisdom do I have now that I've turned 40? Not much more than - believe you can do it and work hard to make it happen (and move the hair out of your eyes when taking a photo). 

I am so very grateful and truly relieved to find myself in a very positive place. I was not always sure I'd feel that way when entering this decade. In fact I was a down right confused mess in my twenties and most of thirties. Best part about turning 40? When you are in your thirties no one says "Wow you look great for 38"....but once you hit the big 4.0. you start to hear "damn, you look good for 40!"

Thank you my love


flwrjane said...

Happy Birthday oh beautiful one.

And what a fabulous place to relax and celebrate.

Now you're 40 and fabulous.

xo jane

amy merrick said...

Damn lady, you just LOOK GOOD PERIOD.

Happy birthday!

Erin said...

Happy Birthday! 40 & Amazing.
What a gorgeous getaway! LOVE!!! Way to go to your man!

Adrienne said...

Cheers to the next 40!

Cindy said...

happy birthday!

Janet said...

Happy birthday! You look fabulous - I never would have guessed you were 40!

KILLY said...

But damn, you look good. 30, 40 - no matter the decade. You're a babe. A talented, intelligent babe, at that!