Monday, October 11, 2010

Stay Inspired

When I made artwork I was often frustrated at my slowness. The process, the waiting, the contemplating. I was younger then and perhaps a more impatient person, if that's possible to believe. Finding flowers was such a relief. I was drawn to the instant gratification of it. What can I say? I guess I am addicted to the "voila" moment in life. 

But I've learned it's not the speed of putting something beautiful together that is gratifying. It's the ease of effort. It's when your hands and brain are working beautifully together. Your materials are looking amazing and fully inspiring you.  That's when what you are doing is not work. Yet, I think about my days and all I see is work. Emailing, accounting, cleaning, making, planning. Getting up early to shop, going back late at night to break down. Did you know, I have my own business? Because, I forget sometimes. I am busy working. 

Ok, sounds corny but when I feel off, I say to myself "say inspired". And I say that not just for my work life. In some ways I made it easy on myself, right? - nature never ceases to inspire. But I try to say it about life in general. The inspired spouse, the inspired parent. Sounds like some terrible chicken soup for the soul type of book. But I hope you get want I mean.
I was very inspired by this weekend's flowers. Thankfully, many delicious details to tweak and prim over. Bit of a headache to plan but in the end I just had to trust and realize I can only be so prepared. Much of it just had to come together when working (there is that word again). Ok, I am shutting up now and just showing the images I managed to captured. 


Urbanstems said...

Denise.. Mother nature was clearing knocking on your door and visited you last week in the way of some amazing inspiration through flowers and with a lovely gentle reminder to enjoy life and stay inspired.Love your post and your images..Sinead x

webb said...

I am always inspired by your work. Makes me happy.

Adrienne said...

Just when I thought your flowers were what inspire me and bring me to your blog...I was reminded that I also visit your blog daily for your writing. You never cease to amaze me! Thank you for reminding all of us to stay inspired and for sharing your art!

Erin said...

So beautiful! The truth of the words & the photos of the flowers!
I love the hints of purple in the bouquet. Killer.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I don't know much more about flowers, than that I love them. I grew up with a flower-loving grandmother; I still try to remember all the beautiful flower-names she taught me. It's unbelievable that you can create so much beauty... I'm in awe.

cindy said...

i get what your saying - don't forget why you started your creative business by getting caught up in all the work-stuff that goes with it. you are lucky to spend your days with gorgeous flowers creating gorgeous arrangements that play a big part in a person's event, especially those weddings.