Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Today I spent the morning shopping for ribbon. One of my favorite things to do in the world. There are many annoying things about NYC (noise and garbage to name two) as well as many great things. One of the greatest is knowing that if you are looking for some perfect black button or an antique gold coin, or birch logs sliced exactly 2.5" in height or French silk ribbon in the perfect shade of blue there is most likely some person, some funky character living and working among you who has that very thing you seek. Sometimes it's easier to hit the streets than the internet for your wants. Sadly as the big box stores move in and the city turns over to tourists only I fear these quirky place will vanish. It's already happening. One day, I promise to do a whole series on these NYC gems.

More bouquets for you. Enjoy the last day of summer. It's going out in a bang here.


Chemin des Muguets said...

Greetings Denise,

Thank you for the nice comment about my Chinese tea tin collection. Yes, they would be stunning filled with your amazing floral creations.


Shari Russell said...

Do you have any favorite internet sites for ribbon, for those of us outside nyc? I'm a floral designer in Ohio - love, love this blog!

bicocacolors said...

so beautiful!!!
greetings from Spain

Denise said...

Hi Shari,

Thank you for stopping by! And YES, Check out Tinsel Trading - you can buy online from them. AMAZING shop in the garment center.

Also the store in NYC that I LOVE is Hyman Hendler. They do not have an online store. Its super old school. If you see something you love and have to have it - let me know. I'd be happy to get it for you and mail it. :)

Come back soon!

Shari Russell said...

Hi Denise! Thanks so much for this - I'm going to be in NYC in November and can't wait to hit Hyman Hendler to stock up!

I have a four year old girl too and am in my second year of business - so I can definitely relate to this beautiful blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

Cheers, Shari

Mayesh International said...

Don't wiat on catalogueing the "little gems". I just noticed in Edinburgh this summer that one my favorite shops in the whole world has gone. There used to be a man selling every conceivable brush for every imaginable (and unimaginable) task on Victoria Street above the Grassmarket who had one of thw world's greatest displays. Gone! And the internet just isn't the same.

wedding invitation kits said...

Absolutely beautiful floral arrangements.