Sunday, June 20, 2010

I just woke from a 9 hour sleep. Delightful. After coming back from a 350 person wedding (whoa!) I did bath time and book time with my little one and crawled into bed right after her. Things were moving quickly yesterday and I regret not getting some shots of the tables. It was all vintage ceramic and glass - quite pretty. I quickly got a picture of the bouquet before we left. Hopefully I will be able to share the photographer's images with you shortly. Note to self - bring some snacks when doing a wedding out of town.
With everything going on lately I've not had a chance to share my greatest achievement in baking kitsch thus far - the princess doll cake for littlest pheasant's birthday! It took all morning to frost and by afternoon we all watched in horror as she melted like a southern gal in the summer heat. Quick dash to my friend Jesse's fridge and she was as good as new by the time we blew out the candles.
Have a lovely Sunday. Big hugs to all the dads out there. We are baking scones for our superhero dad today.

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flwrjane said...

9 hours! What a well earned rest.

I love the cake. my birthday in September....