Monday, June 21, 2010

I feel very lucky to have had the chance to design flowers for an incredible wedding at my favorite museum a couple of weeks ago. The Brooklyn Museum - my hometown, world-class, treasure trove sanctuary of art and design.  The direction for this wedding was modern, striking and clean. It's great being able to bounce around design styles and respond to the venue and the couple. 

This wedding needed a chuppah. And I took it as an opportunity to design my own because frankly, I have not been able to find a clean modern chuppah anywhere to rent, ever.  So I had  one custom made which I can use over and over again. Ok - so having said that - Thank God, we did a trial run  weeks before the big day. How many florists does it take to put up a chuppah? Well since this was going in the main entrance of the Museum under the glass canopy  (I had visions of shattered glass - I know, I know impossible but still) in our case five. Anyway, when we were done I have to say it was exactly what I envisioned to the tee! I was so happy. I just saw the photographer's images which I will share tomorrow. So chic!



webb said...

Love the deep purple with the green orchids. Please show us more!

Kate said...

I do believe you've designed the only chuppah I've ever liked, Denise! Bravo!

Missing Goat said...

lovely - good for you! sorry to freak you out with my wedding nightmare.