Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Bride's Cafe

Fabulous write up of one of my faaaavorite weddings this year. Lauren and David's wedding at the BBG is featured on The Bride's Cafe today. These gorgeous photos were taken by the incredible Kate Leigh. THANK YOU JANIE!


webb said...

Denise, the bouquet is exquisite. So perfect with the dress. Ya done good, girl!!

Jessica [ frequently full ] said...

After seeing this wedding on The Bride's Cafe, I had to slowly pick my jaw up from the floor. Not only am I fan of pretty, flow-y dresses but also gorgeous bouquets! Amazing!

Adrienne said...

I.DIE. No one has your touch!!

Hummingbird said...

AaaaahhhhMAZING! That bouquet is incredible. Seriously, did you really have an ordinary profession before recently becoming a florist? It looks like you've been doing this forever! Truly gorgeous.

Vintage Simple said...

These are too beautiful for words..! Just gorgeous - all of it.

I'm sorry you've been feeling overwhelmed. Balancing it all can be downright paralyzing at times. I certainly struggle with balance myself. Sometimes it's all just a matter of being a little kinder to ourselves, I think.