Tuesday, April 20, 2010

True Love

I needed a break and I had a rare moment alone. So I headed out to a neighborhood cafe for a coffee with a new copy of Elle Decoration in hand. There I spied a very normal looking Lauren Ambrose (aka Claire from Six Feet Under) having a bowl of soup. Love her. But the real life drama was going down between a young couple sitting next to me. While flipping pages, I overheard what I thought was a regular date actually turn out to be a break up. He was trying to reel her back in but it was clear she was done. Basically telling him he is too private and maybe should just get a dog. Early in the conversation he showed her his vintage watch and explained how he enjoyed winding it every morning. Said it made him feel connected and grounded. He liked that it was never truly accurate. The girl was baffled by this and thought he was nuts. What a clear sign they are not made for each other. But he could not see it and said he'd consider getting a dog. Oh love is blind. On a happy note, bouquet and boutonniere for a couple who are made for each other (this I know to be true). Congrats A and M!

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