Friday, December 7, 2012

Pinks and Reds

Okay, so I was hibernating a bit there. I am finding it hard to know what I am doing lately. Lots of things vying for my attention and my monkey mind bouncing all over the place. Here's the thing, when I am really busy with flower work it's actually easier to maneuver in life - exhausting but easier. It's easy to look at all the pressing details of a job and just do what is most important. After my annual seasonal cough and fatigue wane...I am finally starting to feel a nice groove taking place. I'm making progress. Also I'm still making flowers. Here are some recent ones. Talk soon.


Amelia said...

Know what you mean, I've been a bit MIA myself, to much going on and the head just bouncing around. Flowers are gorgeous!

flowers on my table said...

Denise, these are absolutely stunning! Thank you for your visit and kind remarks. Much love to you, Linda x

flwrjane said...

beautiful clean lines and perfect colors.

xo jane