Monday, July 16, 2012

Beach Wedding

We did a really great wedding this past weekend. It was held at the Crescent Club out on Long Island's Gold Coast. The venue was tastefully designed had phenomenal ocean views. Plus, not only was the couple super sweet and lovely to work with but the staff was top notch. I've decided to give a special shout out to nice and accommodating staff people. They can really make or break your whole experience as a vendor. So thank you to the nice folks at the Crescent Club! Here's what we did:

Tall metal pails filled with beach grasses and queen anne's lace marked the aisle that was lined a burlap runner.
Some tables had this configuration:
And some had this:
For the bride and groom table we did something a little different. Also, we hand wrapped the glass vases with twisted muslin fabric and then white washed them.
Blue and green bouquets for the maids who wore phenomenal coral colored dresses.
Mini cymbidium orchds for the boutonnieres. I wouldn't dare use fragile flowers for this wedding. It was hot out there!
And for the Bride


kat flower said...

killed it as usual! x

Maria Carter said...

I love the bridesmaid's beautiful bouquets. I want to see blue color in my wedding supplies too. Can you also share some pictures of nice and cheap wedding favors perfect for beach wedding?;)