Thursday, March 29, 2012

End of March

We have a sweet wedding and a few deliveries this weekend. Nothing I can't handle. But for some reason I was plagued by floral nightmares last night. Again, I arrive at the market and there are no rununculus, no tulips... just vanda orchids. The funny thing is in my dreams the NYC flower market always looks the same. It's like what I imagine ye' old New York to be like. Pushcarts and gas lit street lights. The flowers are displayed on flat tables. Weird. I guess I'm having beginning of the season jitters. I need to remember spring is my season. I love spring! Stay close to yourself, I whisper in to myself. Stay tuned to your own expression and you will be rewarded. I really want to stay in balance this year. I am making a true effort to stay sane. I will work hard but I will be present for my family and myself.

On another note I read a depressing article about extreme weather in the NY Times this morning. In the market, the Israeli peonies are hard as rocks because they had record low temps this year. Still waiting on Holland and France. I'm wondering about flowering branch for the rest of spring. The guys will be digging deep into the woods of Vermont to bring stuff in for May weddings...we hope. I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens last weekend. Take a look. A walk in nature helps.

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