Monday, February 27, 2012

Winter Blues

It felt good to get back into the swing of things this weekend. Our first wedding of the season started at a new venue here in Brooklyn called Liberty Warehouse. It's located right on the pier in Red Hook with breathtaking views of the harbor. Lady Liberty was so close you could have reached out and grabbed hold of her dress. The call was for vibrant jewel tones - emerald green, sapphire blues and violets against wintery greens. Enjoy!
Smaller of the 2 centerpieces. This arrangement had an accompanying little vase of white peonies by its side.
Anemones, black baccara roses, tulips, white jasmine, paper whites, ceder, pod eucalyptus, dusty miller, and some green foliage with these waxy little white flowers. I just realized this is basically a red white and blue arrangement.  It's reading much more blue in the photo, actually it was a purple plum color.
I guess I did little to tame the wild this time around.
In place and ready to go
Ceremony set up. I loved the black industrial lights
Off to the side on the bar I finally had a chance to use my guy's shadow casting light, Lumen. Our first collaboration on a wedding job. It's sold at the MoMa design store. Read about it here. I could not think of a better wedding to debut it at.


webb said...

Such wonderful saturated colors! make me long for real spring!

chiara said...

that is the sweetest, most perfect little boutonniere ever!

Jen said...

The colors (and flowers are gorgeous. What a great venue!