Thursday, September 1, 2011


Mother nature gave me a batch of new gray hairs this weekend as she blew up the east coast. Mandatory evacuations, suspension of the subway system as well as bridge and tunnel closures had us all in knots. I literally broke down and cried. A glamorous red and black wedding planned for a venue in Long Island City had to be canceled due to the weather. Thankfully we successfully delivered to the hotel and it turned into a lovely brunch instead. Unfortunately things were moving so fast I was not able to take a few photos (bad!!).

I did however get a chance to snap some photos of one of my most beloved wedding of the year. I worked extremely hard on this wedding design. Months of planning for the nicest bride with the sweetest folks. Sometimes I actually feel like my clients are family. These were these people. The wedding had to be scaled down but the couple did wed under a lace canopy with jasmine and passion vine above. I was left with some extra centerpieces and there was no way I could throw them out. My littlest pheasant became my deliver girl and we donated them to our local hospital. They were much appreciated and it felt good to pass it on. 

I hope my east coast friends were all safe and did not suffer too much damage. 



flwrjane said...

All's well that ends beautifully.

Beautifully and from the heart.

xo jane

webb said...

What a wonderful lesson for the Littlest Pheasant! Such lovely flowers.