Friday, June 3, 2011


Been meaning to tell you how my mediation classes are going. Basically I am all calm and chill in the beginning of the week. Mindfully moving throughout my day. However, but weeks end I'm downing 2 coffees by 9am and racing through all I have to do. No I exaggerate...not really (well the coffee yes). I have to say each weekend wedding so far has been really enjoyable and moving at a normal pace. This is good.

Here is some "bling" for your Friday. Flirty, girly pink. Was able to get some delicious watermelon colored sweetpea for the occasion. 


Suz said...

You are amazing at this. Beautiful images.

Joan -BORNAY- said...

WOW!! peonie`s explosion!

flowers on my table said...

Just gorgeous! Linda x