Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Challenge

Whoa, it's been quite a stretch since I last posted. Time is flying. Are you enjoying your summer? I hope so. I truly am. A bunch of stuff has been going on over here. I feel as though I have so much to update you on. I often think of things to write about when I push the littlest pheasant on the swing, cook dinner or run errands but then when I sit down to post it all escapes me. I know it included something to do with a sliced finger (my first floral injury), my thrown back (and miraculous recovery), route 9A (damn you 9A!), and urban foraging (I'll get to that). In the meantime, here is one of the weddings we did this past weekend. 
The Foundry in LIC. 
Full disclosure this arrangement has been totally "Mac Gyvered"; as in propped up and put together with all sorts of found objects. Now the old Denise would be beating herself up for not remembering to bring large waterpicks and oasis. However, now the new mindful Denise goes with the flow and fashions water picks out of Poland Spring bottles and wraps stems in wet paper towels. Om. It worked perfectly.
The centerpieces were a challenge but I love a challenge. The design direction called for modern and spa-inspired style. Yet (of course) I wanted them to be lush and pretty and appropriate for a wedding. I was asked to incorporate succulents and billy balls but the rest was up to me. Everything hinged on the right branchy green. As soon as I spotted this green leafy branch at Dutch Flower Line (no one knew what it was?!) I knew I had my base. I'd never seen flowering variegated pittosporum before. Since it was in the right color scheme I grabbed that. My big dilemma was should I mix peonies and orchids?? Ah, a sin to some, I gather. But I felt it needed a round focal flower and more white. Truth be told I was nervous coming back from the market with my raw materials. But I kept things somewhat grouped together so it was not a big mixed up mess.
In the end I was thankfully very satisfied with my choices and how it came together.
arrangements for the small 4 top tables
the all white bouquet
The Boutonnieres


Adrienne said...

Well missy, trust your instincts...orchids, peonies, succulents and billy balls never looked so good!

Brooke Howsley said...

I love the description of how you overcame the challenges - totally awesome! Most folks have no idea how hard it can be to make things look pretty...

That variegated foliage might be 'Snow on the Mountain' which is a type of euphorbia that grows wild here in Texas. Did it have white sap?

Sarah said...

Incredibly well done. Such a refreshing take on succulents and billy balls.

Rachael said...

I agree! Absolutely stunning! Love the HUGE urn arrangement!

Janet said...

I really enjoyed the description of your mechanics! Sometimes you just gotta make it work with what you have!