Tuesday, May 24, 2011

True Blue

We were awash in blues and purples on Saturday. Things were moving really fast and I was unfortunately unable to get a shot of the green leafy and white crab apple chuppah. I only had time to shoot some flowers in the studio before we left.
The palest yellow peonies you've ever seen picked up the yellow in the irises. The day went from sunny and warm to cool and cloudy. I know the weather was stressful at times but nonetheless there was this moment when I looked around the grounds of the Botanical Gardens and quite frankly I was dumbstruck by how peaceful and beautiful it was.  A gray sky and so much lush green made any bit of color just pop. 
So I want to tell you something. I've embarked on something completely new and different. Every Monday evening I sit in silence with a small group of strangers. We talk about learning to respond rather than react to life. I zone out, I twitch, I watch as my thoughts bounce around my mind uncontrollably, I come back to my breath, I zone out again. I realize just how much my back aches. It's hopeful to mediate and it's frustrating. I'm kinda excited. 
The hydrangea in the Bridal bouquet was crazy beautiful. Can you believe Mother Nature??


bowstreetflowers said...

Blue hoooo! Don't you hate it when there isn't time to take pics. I've missed so many opportunities in the last few weeks..special events and too harried to remember the camera.

judith said...

that looks absolutely refreshing and a "whow ! great work ! The blue works amazing with the other colors and diversity of flower shapes..
I just wish I could have another wedding bouquet for myself .. maybe ask one for my anniversary :)

I did also had a great weekend making a peony wedding, it was bit more pink tho :)

megan said...

so so pretty!

Lotte and Bloom said...

in my case it's always the really good stuff that i get no pictures of too, you're always so up against it anyway sometimes the photos just fall to the bottom of the list...mew
p.s. those hydrangeas look super good

Adrienne said...

so refreshing to read your posts.

leeanne said...

denise! good seeing you at the market on friday... i bought those same hydrangeas and i'm STILL obsessing.

Janet said...

those hydrangea are incredible! I especially love that last bouquet!