Monday, April 18, 2011

To Ponder

I need to think about a project. And yet when I sit in front of the computer I busy myself with boring admin work. Did I tell you I am making a master excel spreadsheet of all my vintage containers (thrilling)? My fingers started to itch as my hands lay idle. Some left over bits plus this fuzzy succulents called to me. That and the need to go out to lunch.


Unknown said...

ah exel - I have to say I am freakishly organized (& thus actually like excel), but I know what you mean sometimes you just can't get excited about a spread sheet (even weirdos like me can agree). Lovely arrangement.


Interiors and Flowers said...

Hello Denise.. Thank you for your comment! AND.. thank you for your recent post. Those delicious corals have given me some ideas for a wedding due soon!
Your blog is looking lovely as always,
Grace @ Interiors & Flowers.

webb said...

OK, so you are only half as nuts as I am. Over the past two weekends I've made an Access database of all the plants in my garden. I know there is a way to a photo in for each plant, but haven't figured out how yet.

some girls just need a little organization in their lives!