Friday, March 18, 2011

Yellow Balls

What is it about craspedia or rather billy balls (which personally sound rather crass to me....I'm just saying) that make the perfect little boutonnieres? And speaking of boutonnieres, no matter how many times I type this word I misspell it on the first try. I think I am going to call them buttonholes, like the British and Australians do from now on.
Loved this frilly little bouquet from last weekend. It had the most delicious hellebore and the craziest striped green parrot tulip I've ever seen. Climb up in there and take a look. 


megan said...

that bouquet is so so lovely! I bought green hellebores for my bride last week and the insides fell out before I could use them. I ended up not using them because the pollen is my favorite part. Seeing your bouquet I know I was wrong. They still look so pretty!

and p.s. I ended up with $35 wholesale of hellebores wasting away in the studio.

The Little Florist said...

Amen I still also cannot spell boutonniere for the life of me. I'm so glad I am not the only florist with this problem.

Anonymous said...

I do the same thing with spelling boutonnieres! Infact, I just miss spelled it right there and had to change it. I'll follow you're example! -Jody Strom

Alicia said...

That bouquet is fantastic! I need to learn how to make them!