Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mixed Bag

Hello. I am back from the Bay Area. Despite the rain we had a lovely time. I have so many new ideas for work!! I had my eye peering through a camera, hands in clay, head in a book and thoughts in the clouds. In fact I was dreaming about art which has not happened in ages. Plus the ache between my shoulder blades has gone away. Miracle of miracles! I am waaay behind in updating you all on some exciting press news....but I'll get that soon enough. Instead here is a smattering of things that have been running through my head. 

The most incredible live "painting" at the Renzo Piano redesigned California Academy of Sciences. Truly breathtaking. The whole museum is outstanding. A must visit, especially with children.
Meandering up a circular path towards the rain forest canopy, spotting a hooded lady slipper among floating butterflies along the way. Hello perfect gift from nature.
Mesmorized by the pollarded Plane trees in front of the De Young

Gargantuan echeveria...just growing right out there on the front lawn
Out of control and blooming rosemary bushes, little hands and little flowers
Leafing through Country Living magazine on the flight back and being struck by this ivy covered cottage.
Adding this print by Michelle Arcila to my collection at 20x200
Flower, art, craft and home making awaits with renewed energy. Night all.


KILLY said...

I love seeing the Bay Area (my former home) through your eyes!

Cindy said...

the live painting is great!

rebekah said...

so beautiful and inspiring, I love these photos and wish i had been there with you!-Rebekah