Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Keep a Record

So back in January I had high hopes to make some art.  Truth be told - I didn't get very far. Packing, moving, unpacking, meeting, and proposals took over. So I turned to my sketch book for company. I've kept a sketch book of some kind since college. But now it has morphed into more of an inspiration book rather than traditional sketch book. After I gave birth and eventually went back to the desk job I watched my creative internal life slow and shrink. My husband sensed my frustration (bless him) and recommended I get a big book, not worry and just paste whatever inspires me into it. Clippings of home decor, flowers, gardens and art mix with my doodles and collages. One day when the days become longer and my brain has more room to think it will be a treasure trove (I hope). Here I share with you some of it's pages. You should start one today.
I'm sorry I can't properly credit all these images. I've since lost which magazine they came from. I can tell you they are most likely from Domino, British Elle Decor, Australian Vogue Home, Martha Stewart, Real Simple, House Beautiful and various mail order catalogues. 


webb said...

Great idea. I keep a garden notebook that I put pictures of plants and arrangements, and tacky garden stuff - but this makes me want to re-think my focus. Thanks for the idea.

The Little Florist said...

I have had my wedding scrapbook since I was 12 years old. Growing up in a flower shop I began to cut out pictures of anything and everything I wanted in my wedding. Let me tell you... after seven years of doing this I have absolutely every detail planned out for my big day whenever it comes. It has also now turned into an inspiration book for crafts, home decor and even what I would like my kid's bedrooms to look like. But I must tell you that when my 21 year boyfriend catches sight of me working on this book he runs the other way. I think it's great to have something to look back on when your feeling uninspired and see what has inspired you so much at another point in your life.

chiara said...

Love it. But remember your blog is also your record book! Think of all those gorgeous images! I always wanted to print mine out but haven't gotten around to it yet....it's on the big to-do list.