Saturday, February 12, 2011

Red Birds and Blue Bicycles

Back in October on a beautiful crisp fall day I created one of my favorite Chuapphs. I blogged about it here. The bride was looking for a very "unwedding factory look" for her rather traditional venue. Fortunately, she came to the right gal (I don't even know how to make those big tall flower candelabra arrangements!) and also the room was really really pretty with lots of natural light. Here are the results. The incredibly talented photographer Cappy Hotchkiss just sent me a disk. Congratulations to Sarah and Yehuda!!


webb said...

Denise, there are simply not enough ways to say "gorgeous" about your bouquets. I love the way you use deeper and deeper shades with the white dresses. Makes me want to get married again - to Mitchell, of course! - just so I can have one of your bouquets.

What a lovely bride she was.

Denise Fasanello said...

Thank Webb, and if you ever do "renew" your vows I would send you a bouquet! xo