Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A gigantic thank you to Killy over at The Studiolo for putting together this incredible profile on moi! Do you read The Studiolo? Well, you really should check them out if you are unfamiliar. Killy is one half of the design studio Frisson. Her blog is filled with terrific in depth posts on the studio's interior design projects, trends, collecting, travel and design history tid-bits. Now that they (her husband/design partner, Oliver) are putting down roots in Austin, look for new and exciting adventures in the lone star state. Thank you again!
Click here to read the profile.


megan said...

Loved reading about how you got started!

webb said...

Learned a lot about you from this post. Love your work!

flwrjane said...

Well that was incredible! How about your photos and collages and that last reaching to the sky arrangement?

You are something else. You are an artist.

xo Jane

KILLY said...

Thank you so much for your inspired piece! xoxo


Hi Denise,
Lovely reading. Inspiring and very interesting.
Ingrid x