Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Button Fern and Pink Tree Peony

Hello Friends, How are you? I have many things to show you and talk about but I am a little behind in work and life this week. Plus, honestly I've been spending a few days lounging about, cooking, watching Disney movies and playing with littlest pheasant. In the meantime I thought I'd show you some arrangements I did for the window last week. Sorry more tree peonies - but who can get sick of them? Not me. I am addicted to this pink. Hope all is well and be back soon...


chelsea said...

beautiful! i love those pitchers!

webb said...

It's the contrast between the pitchers and the peonies that I love so. That's the most gorgeous pink ever!

Erin said...

The fern in the awesome dish is killer!

Susan {florali} said...

Do you ever remember tree peonies like we're getting this year? I could stare at them all day. I agree, this peachy pink is out of this world.

Janine said...

They are simply bEaUtifUL!

Heidi said...

Dear Denise,

I recently featured one of your creations in my blog, and thought you'd like to know!

I write for Saffron Marigold - a maker of fair trade, high quality Indian linens. Recently, I did a series featuring handmade products and DIY projects that could be put together for Thanksgiving tables.

I came across your site, and just love your style! Wow. I don't know how some floral arrangements end up seeming so formal and stiff, but yours are anything but! They are so organic and almost wild, as they should be... I featured an arrangement you'd posted last February, because it fit so well with the rest of the collection I created.

- By the way, your arrangement is included under "Ruby Kilim"

Heidi Muller

Amelia said...

absolutely gorgeious and beautiful, thanks for stopping by!

Will be having further perusals around here :)


PS your chill out time sounds just like what I need!

theflowerdrum said...