Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chocolate Close-up

I got my hair cut this morning. My stylist is a vegan and we were talking recipes. I do feel it's time for me to seriously face my eating habits. Like many people I rely way to much on coffee and carbs. I need a better sources of energy! I will pack healthy snacks for my littlest pheasant yet I run out of the house on empty looking to grab something later in the day. Bad. Bad. Bad. I am afraid to watch Food Inc. Any suggestions on where to start? Cookbooks to buy?

Here is a close up of photos of a chocolate cosmos. Hmmmm.....chocolate. 
  An ode to her mom, who carried a bouquet of daisies back on her wedding day in 1971, the bride had chamomile in hers.



flwrjane said...

Oh gosh, where to start? I make granola and take a baggie of it, a little jar of yogurt and some fruit to work to start my day.
We try to eat lunch at noon. We bring leftovers or sandwiches on whole wheat breads and end with fruit. Then around 3:00 I have a piece of fruit and some cheese, even a cheese stick helps. Also another iced grande skim latte. You're not alone with the coffee.

i don't have a child so dinner is a time for me to relax and cook. And it's far more pleasant to do if I have taken care of myself during the day.

Does this help?

xo jane

webb said...

Love the chocolate cosmos! Yum!

Denise Fasanello said...

Jane, I am going to try and make a big batch of oatmeal and leave in the fridge, add some stuff and nuke quickly in the am. And yes, I am bringing lunch to the studio, if it kills me!!!

Coriander Girl said...

Oh Denise, I am right there with you, running on empty and then binge eating Swiss Chalet(fast food chicken chain) at night. Sometimes I can't even remember the last vegetable I ate! I need to get on top of this stat! It helps when you're accountable to someone so I'll try if you will!? Jane has some great suggestions~she's so together! I dream of being the kind of woman who makes her own granola. Sigh...