Monday, May 10, 2010

Fernus Maximus

This arrangement was for the card table for a wedding at the Bowery Hotel. I'm not sure what possessed me to buy this gigantic fern - but I saw it at G Page and felt it calling to me."Buy me and you will see"... I think it said. Then I eyed a bunch of fresh looking Salomon Seal, an echeveria on the stem, plus I had some single pale yellow peonies already- thinking somehow I would make it work. I wanted something kinda different, clean and green. And then I struggled. It was the last piece I put together and we needed to wrap things up quickly and hit the road. I panicked, stomping my feet like a toddler. Then I remembered the deep inky purple tulips (Black Hero). I threw them in there with some curly sweet pea greens and it came together. The piece that gave me the most trouble I ended up loving the best! 


webb said...

It's just gorgeous. I love echeveria. Need to see if I can grow that!

QuatreCoeur said...

Yes! I understand your process! To create is to struggle....and what a beautiful result.