Monday, March 15, 2010


Hello all. I hope you had a good weekend. Not sure how or why I got started on this rant about various anxieties and such when working with flowers. But I guess I might as well wrap it up now and tell you the final internal dialogue that goes through my head EVERY SINGLE TIME no matter what. I swear (Christine can vouch for me)!  I am now standing among all the flowers. I start to work. I say matter of factly "Oh no, I don't think I have enough many bouquets do we have again?...what was I thinking?! wait, I'm fine I have all this hydrangea, whew!...Thank God... no, I'm sure of it... I don't have enough, I'm gonna call Johnny C and have them hold another 5 bunches of dahlias...damn...oh wait, that looks fab, yes, yes, perfect...we are spot on. I love it!" You'd think I'd learn.


heather said...

i do the same thing everytime! i also need to see the bride and/or her mother and get that approval from them. one wedding in particular i did not get to see them on the wedding day and couldn't sleep for three nights wondering what they thought. then, of course, i received the phone call about how much they loved it. my husband thinks i'm nuts.

Brooke Howsley said...

I'm exactly the same too! That's what makes us good designers, right?? I'll often do the bride's bouquet, let it sit overnight and then add or subtract a few blooms right before I wrap it. The last really huge wedding I did I had to drive all the flowers 4 hours to the venue. I had a gasping-for-air panic attack as we rounded the last corner because I was afraid they would be underwhelmed! They loved it.

Alexa Johnson said...

This has been the best little series of posts! Every wedding involves at least three panic attacks that I didn't order enough flowers. Every. Single. Time. Thanks for the little on-line support group/confessional. I don't feel like I'm so ridiculous now.