Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feather Centerpieces

So let's say you are invited to be a guest at a dear friend's wedding AND you are doing the flowers. Let's suppose the wedding is about a 2 hour drive away. What do you make that is simple, unique, won't wilt and is easy to put together? Something that will allow you time to check into your hotel, rest and get all spiffy for your friend's happy nuptials? Well, may I suggest you "Go Faux". Ashley was wed a few weekends ago. When I spotted this amazing coppery feather wreath in the market around Christmas time I knew exactly what to do. I snagged a dozen of them, some glitter dusted branches, pussy willow and pheasant feathers. Mercury glass candle holders, some pine cones and ta da! Once it was all lit up it was super magical. I hung a simple metal house number on the lip of the tallest vase to indicate the tables. Her mom drove all the materials up to the venue a week before the big day. All I had to do was bring the fresh flower bouquets with me that morning. Once Ashley and Jeff get back from South East Asia (so jealous!) I will share the professional photos.


Anonymous said...

how lovely.

I am inspired to make use of all the feathers from my next pheasant supper.


Unknown said...

Oh, I love the shout out! But I loved the flowers even more. You rocked it, as always!

homestilo said...

This is beautiful- especially with the mercury glass.