Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Flower Hut

A long time ago (2 years to be exact) I had this insane idea to sell fresh flowers out of those metal kiosks that permanently stand on Smith Street in Carroll Gardens. I called it the Flower Hut and had a little sign and everything. I had this notion that loads of townspeople would swoon and grab a pre-made bouquet, along with their bread and cheese. Kinda like what I imagine they do in France. Anyway, it turned out to be a brutally hot June day. Hence the strong light in these photos. Many old timers from the hood actually asked if they were fake and were discouraged to realize they were in fact real. Ha. But some local moms totally got the idea and were happy to slip the bouquet (it was in a waterproof container with handle) on their stroller. I had a lot of fun and met some great folks. And learned, I don't have it cut out for retail...yet.

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chiara said...

Oh, I love! I totally would've bought one of your bouquets!