Thursday, April 30, 2009


So I wanted to give a proper post to my guy and his work. Adam is the designer of Lumen, a series of acid-etched, stainless steel, oil lamp shadow projectors. They are sold all over the US and around the world. He manufactures them right here in good old Brooklyn, USA.

His other product is called Reveal. It is a new type of ambient interior lighting. This product creates the impression of sunlight streaming through a window and onto an interior wall. A light breeze appears to move through trees in the cast image. For more info about his work and to purchase look here.

For as long as I've known Adam (going on 9 years!), he has been entralled with light and all it's properities. It has been a long road of hard work and dedication for him to realize these projects. And there are many others in the pipelines. I sit here so proud and honored to be with him on this great adventure. It's just begining, love.

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