Friday, March 9, 2012

Make it happen

I put a really big pin board up directly above my desk. I stare at it every day not wanting to muck it up. It's a similar feeling of having a blank canvas. Is today the day I break the surface? It might be. I've been in such a weird mood lately. Wanting a quiet mind. Craving a dreamy slow creative day. But it's not happening. Instead I waste time pinning other peoples art. At that I am turning off the computer today to make something. But before I go I wanted to show you some of the terrariums we made at last weekend's workshop. Here's a tip if you are interested in doing your own: Trader Joes. If you live near one check out their plants. They sometimes have the prettiest and CHEAPEST orchids. Potted up uniquely in glass bowls and jars make for great little tabletop gardens.


chiara said...

love these.

also - I got an orchid two weeks ago at IKEA for $9.99! I think that even beats Trader Joe's price. It's still going strong. :)

Janet said...

lovely little terrariums!