Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Calling all Gardeners

Inspired by my blogging buddies, the gardener extraordinaries; Jane, Marie and Webb I decided to take my little patio seriously this year. So, I potted up potato vine, geranium, zinnias, coleus and some other bits of this and that. I shoved it all against the railing and well that's about as far as I got. I need help people!
My neighbor's out of control rose bush is taking over but I am too insecure to start pruning it. Notice the lovely cables running along the top of the fence?  Both Time Warner Cable and AT&T have come out numerous times to take a look. They just laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.

The week we installed our new fence our neighbors on all 4 sides decided to do the same. Now we have a 4 way cluster f*ck of wooden right angles. I had this idea to train something to grow around the top to help soften that corner of the garden. I hope to get to it if it's not too late in the season (?). No idea.

Here is the view looking at our apartment. I found that cute little bench at a thrift store on Court Street. I picked up a really nice passion flower plant at the farmer's market but I still need to re-pot it. 

Here is the yucky side of the garden. All these things need a place to go so they are out of sight! So here it is in all it's glory. One day I will get it together. In the meantime it's a nice little spot to hang out.



cindy said...

you might put a potted tree in the spot where the fences converge. it's really the top part that is the eye sore and it will be nice all year long. i think it will be a great space.

flwrjane said...

I agree with Cindy. You need some height, vertical gardenng is a must on a terrace. Then you can group the smaller pots around the tree (s). I just want to come over and help you move things around.

once you repot that fabulous passion vine, it will be a good fence cover. And stagger your pot heights, prop some up on a taller pot and group around that. It's all in the staging.

It's already looking lush and green so you're off to a good start.

Hopefully the Terrace Goddess ( Marie to others) will show up soon with some wonderful ideas. I'm still thinking. :)

Urbanstems said...

What a fab ooutdoor space. Enjoy and have fun playing outside! I agree the potted tree is a winner for your corner of right angles..but what tree???mmmmm

webb said...

And there's something already growing on the 'side' panel (the neighbor's rose?). You could encourage that to grow toward the corner and up over the remaining sides. I love the material - a nice natural look.

Coriander Girl said...

You make me laugh. I love your little urban sanctuary. I want to be the kind of lady who grows her own vegetables and makes preserves from her own delicious fruits. Way to go you!

Marie said...

I'm late.

Haha, Jane. Check's in the mail.

It's a nice patio! I laughed and laughed at the 4 way cluster f*ck. Your horizontal slat fence is lovely.

Jane's idea of a small tree is a good one, or something trained as a standard, which might take up less room - like a standard hydrangea or even standard wisteria (harder to find)...Amelanchier? blossoms, berries, god fall orange?