Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Color Please

It's too damn cold. Or rather it's been too damn cold for too damn long. I am eating spicy yellow curry and huffing hyacinths right now (the smell of spring). I want heat and color. These gorgeous interiors are at Indian Summer (a powerful antidote to bleary winter) who found them at The Society Inc.


Jessica Nichols said...

I love Indian Summer! Thanks for linking it, my laptop has been away getting repaired, and with it, my blog reader. I love the story of your blog's name! I will remember it and come back to visit. (Got here through a tweet from Frolic).

redbirdstyle said...

I'm so happy I found both blogs. Your blog is gorgeous!!! Thanks for the color. It's pouring rain here and I needed that.

Marguerite Gardens said...

I couldn't agree more. I miss sunshine!

Alejandro said...

Hi, your blog is amazing. Keep going.
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Have a good day :)

heidi said...

I'd like some heat, summer and color, too!

love these images