Saturday, October 17, 2009


Potted ferns and herbs, mason jars stuffed with cafe au lait dahlias and hydrangea foliage, agapanthus in green bottles, veronica, pink scabious, kale and all kids of veggies laid out on burlap runners. The wedding was held in a tent on the grounds of Boscobel - a historic home and gardens in Garrison NY. STUNNING VIEWS. I was finally able to see some foliage during our quick road trip. This is what I am dreaming of lately...private inn (that likes kids) with a fireplace, yummy food, apple picking, all of us crashing out on a king size bed and ordering room service breakfast in the morning. Where is such a place?


megan said...

That venue looks amazing! Your work always makes me smile. I love how eclectic this wedding looks.

Chemin des Muguets said...


What a joyful assemblage! The burlap runners, the mason jar flower holders, the heirloom vegetables, and of course the dahlias-such beauty in the simple things of life.


chiara said...

i love the brussel sprouts!

Anonymous said...

Very unique and original - just like the bride!