Thursday, March 26, 2009


As the wedding season approaches I've been looking for boutonniere inspiration. Of course Martha never disappoints. Love all of these.


fàtima -flowersbybornay- said...

All of them are gorgeous! Seeing this I realize that I have to improve mines, I'll work about this, this ones has inspired me :)

chiarabelle said...

thanks for visiting my blog - I'm so glad you did, because it led me to yours, and I've been drooling over your arrangements since then. Your blog is full of beautiful images too!

Brooke said...

After struggling with handwork when I first started floral design (I always made bouts and corsages too big), I finally feel joy when I get to sit down and work on them now. It's so fun to create a mini work of art - and amazing that you can evoke the feel of a wedding with only a few stems and some ribbon. I've always coveted the bouts Martha shows, both the execution and the way they are presented. If only I could present mine to the wedding party as elegantly!